Friday, December 11, 2009

Rain, rain go away!

Well, the rain is back, and it coming down pretty hard. I really don't mind rain, if I can stay inside and admire it from within. Unfortunately, my job requires the opposite, out and about, making visits to my clients, rain, or shine, hell or high water! Well, I got my visits done pretty quickly, so, I came home, fixed a nice cup of tea, and stitched away while the rain pitter, patter outside! Orca was in the middle of the backyard, just laying in the rain, watching over his domain! I tempted him in the house with a peanut butter doggie treat, and at my feet he stayed for a couple of hours. I completed a stitching project, that is a Christmas present, and the person who it is for, does read my blog once in awhile, so I did take a picture, and after she opens it, I will post the picture. It really came out cute. Monday night at BP&HH, is Knot-y Ladies class, and we are having a little Holiday social and ornament exchanged. I made mine, but I need to do a couple of minor things to complete it, and I will also post a picture of it next week after class. I can't wait. I so enjoy that class, Gran is, well...GRAND!!! Tomorrow, I do have to work, but after that, we are decorating our Christmas tree! Sunday, I am planning, to do some tracing of patterns for future stitching projects, including a reverse redwork. Well, off to sleep I go! Have a great week-end!!

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  1. Oh, driving home in the rain tonight was quite a pain! By that time--around 7:30--there was a lot of standing water! I still need to get my things ready for embroidery--I haven't had a chance to do anything! But I'm looking forward to it and our get together at PMS night next Friday. See you soon!