Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Tip for Wishlist Projects

I finally took a picture of what I did last week-end. It is a really simple project, but I still need to add the buttons to complete it. It was in the Country Treads, Applique magazine from last summer, and I have been wanting to stitch it up, but never took the time. I am going to add two sunflower buttons on top on the stems, 2 crows, in honor of my friend Jackie H., and either a pumpkin or ladybug or what ever I can find that I love. I will most likely go down to Modesto to Elegant Stitches to purchase my buttons, since they have an OUTSTANDING selection! A gal could go broke there buying buttons, believe me, I know!! I have also started another project from Country Threads that includes 4 garden like embroidery blocks made into a wall hanging. I am almost down with 1 block, and I will post a picture of it when it is completed. I found the key for me to getting these wish list projects done, is to take a day and trace, trace, trace! Which is what Colleen and I did I think in August or September. I made sure I have the correct color of floss, and then put it in my embroidery basket. We will see how this works. What works for you? How do you get those projects ready to be done? I would love to hear every one's ideas! As Gran would say, "Tootles"!

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  1. Adorable! How beautiful your stitches are!!!! We are going to watch a make popcorn and then watch a DVD - tty later.

    Tootles :0)