Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2 Days Left!

It is hard to believe how fast 2009 came and went! So many projects to do, so little time, and wham, we are at the finish line. I have been lucky to have a little more time to really read a lot of blogs this past week. Most are talking about their Christmas, special presents and gifts they received, special meals, and special present they have made. They have also been talking about their hopes and dreams for 2010, organization, and plans. I am really enjoying this time of reading and learning. The blogs I follow are really good about tips and projects and techniques, which I like. I try to learn something new everyday, whether it be a new word, trivia, listen to a new type of music, ect. I think it is important to never been stagnic. My dear grandma was like that, so I guess I got it from her. Come to think of it, my mom is like that also. She is always reading and learning something every day. When she speaks, if she uses a new word or one that is not a common word, she will pronounce it and then spell it. And yes, my mom was an English major, and her daughter is a terrible speller, (as if you didn't know that!). Tomorrow, New Year's Eve, after a short day at work, hubby and I are going to meet my BFF, Colleen, her daughter Kylie and her mom for an late lunch and early dinner at a local favorite Mexican Restaurant, Cactus. Hubby loves teasing Kylie, and they both have a common interest, Sponge Bob Square Pants! I am looking forward to seeing my BFF and spending some time with them and hubby on the eve of the new year. I also can't wait to see the Blue Moon. Tonight, before I wrote this, I went outside to look at the moon, it was full and bright in all of its glory with the snow clouds passing by quickly. I wish I could share it with all of you. I wish you all a healthy, happy and safe New Year. Here's to 2010, and all of the future projects I hope to complete, or at least start!


  1. I like your wheelbarrel...I do lots of embroidery and love it!

  2. Enjoy your New Year, and your stitchery is lovely!

  3. In looking back on 2009 there are many blessing that came my way and I count you as one of them. Happy New Year Love!