Sunday, December 27, 2009

Boxing Day, My Style

I hope I do not offend any Canadians out there, but I had to share my celebration of Boxing Day. Those who know me, know that my MIL is Canadian. So, we are pretty much in tune with the Holidays from Canada. We even have a Canadian calender, compliments of my dear MIL! Well, my idea of celebrated this holiday today was to pretty much hang out in comfy sweats and stitch, stitch all day and take a couple of naps in between to rest my eyes. Yep, that is how I celebrated Boxing Day. Oh, I did go through some fabric to see what I have and to start organizing it a bit, but I ended up back on the Chesterfield, (Canadian slang for sofa) and back to my stitching. I am 80% done with my project, and hopefully will get it done tomorrow since I am making a trip to Sac International Airport to pick up my dear mom, who is returning from my brother's home. I am not sure if her plane will be on time or not,but I will check prior to leaving, and take my stitching with me just in case. Oh, I also have several cups of tea along with some maple cookies shaped like maple leaves to help me with my celebration! So, bu marriage, I am Canadian! Tootles!!


  1. I don't know anything about Canadian holidays, but Happy Boxer Day! :) What is that?

  2. You are a kick in the sweat pants! What is to offend - you had a most wonderful Boxing Day. Punkie Pie wrote me and said that she had never heard of the name and was going to google it. I lol when I read Chesterfield - yup, we use that word all the time. Blushing here. There is nothing like snuggling up on the Chesterfield with a quilt, cup of tea, a stitchery and a good book. (multi tasking at it height, yet, who wants to get up and get a book for a little break from stitching - you maka me laugh!)