Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday's Agenda

My agenda for today is stitching, breakfast, stitching, shower, stitching, cup of tea-Typhoo,(my fav), stitching, lunch, stitching, watch the Cowboys beat the Chargers, stitching, snack, stitching, dinner, stitching, cup of Sleepy Time tea, admire my stitching projects, sleep!!!!!!!!!!
What's on your agenda for today????

PS-Knot-y Ladies class tomorrow night, yipee!!!!


  1. Pam.
    What is Typhoo Tea- My favorite is Chai-not latte but tea - it is delicious.
    We are having a day in front of the television ( when I am not cooking- made Greek salad, fruit salad and Chicken tortilla soup for dinner- as well as Nuts and Bolts snack. I am going to put out the Christmas village and may yet get beading.
    To say that is freezing outside -is putting it mildly.Overnight at the airport, the temp was -46 C without wind chill. I don't remember it being that cold in a very long time. It is still about-35 here in the city. So far the vehicles are still running but I was very happy to stay in for the day doing some domestic things. I thought I might try the breadmaker but haven't got there yet.
    Ah Life on Sunday- This is Christmas Concert week....then Christmas break.
    Have fun with Gran, Kim and co tomorrow.

  2. Yippee! one more sleep and then it's Knot-y Embroidery Ladies at the ole' BP&HH. Looking forward to being with you!