Sunday, December 20, 2009

Busy Saturday

Today, the morning after, I was TIRED!!! But I had a full schedule, so it was full steam ahead!! I had to take my mom to the airport, she was flying to my brother's to spend Christmas with him and his family. She alternates between Thanksgiving and Christmas. She loves to fly, and its good for her to go out and about. Then, I met hubby at the supermarket to do some grocery shopping so I won't have to do it this next week, check 2 off the list! I had to drop off a small gift to my hair doctor/stylist, Michelle, picked up lunch at Panda Express for son, and myself! Orange Chicken and rice, yummy!!! Son's adorable girlfriend has never bake Christmas cookies before, so we were going to together this afternoon, we had a blast! Then, we were off to dinner, to celebrate her passing her EMT test!!! Her brother and his girlfriend joined us for dinner also. The kids went to the mall to finish some of their shopping, while hubby and I went to Walgreens for stocking stuffers, then home to quickly wrap a few things to put under our tree. I finally was able to get our tree decorated today. I did manage to get some stitching done. Now, I am too exhausted to sleep! So I think I will try some more stitching to see if I can get some sleep. I will try to get the pictures posted tomorrow of the gifts I received last night. Until then, sleep tight!!

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  1. You are amazing to pull off a day like that after being tired from your busy week topped off with the PMS Evening. What kind of cookies die you bake? I am going to make persimmon cookies tomorrow, Yum!

    I am looking at your stitchery right now and it is a treat to have here in my kitchen. Thank you!