Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Night Frolics, Knot-y Ladies Style!

Tonight was PMS night for the Knot-y Ladies! No, not the pms that you might think of, but as in Pizza, Munchies and Stitching/Sewing, at Ladybug's Quilt Store in Manteca. I wasn't sure if the owner, Jen was ready for us, but then again, were we ready for Jen? The answer to both of those questions, is yes, Jen was ready for us, and we were ready for her. What a blast we had! Kim, Gran, BFF-Colleen, and myself made it down to Manteca, Jen had a couple of her gal pals there, and her mom also joined us, and boy did we have a GREAT time! We had munchies that everyone brought to share, and Jen ordered pizza and had beverages for us to enjoy. Then, we got down to business, shopping business, before we got down to stitching business. Then it was eating business, followed by more shopping exercises, then back to stitching. We laughed, cried, hooted and hallowed. Finally, around 11 pm, our eyes were tired, our sides were sore from laughing and our bellies full with goodies! We hugged everyone goodnight, and vowed to do this again, real soon! If you are ever down by Manteca, or want a fun little day trip, then Ladybug's is just the ticket. Jen is a sweetheart, and she has an adorable store, and will treat you right! Until next time ladies!!

PS- I will take a picture tomorrow to show ya what I got from Kim and Gran and Colleen for Christmas!!

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  1. See, you do write so much better then I - well done.
    I am such a, whatever, I checked in on your blog and saw Bubba and did not realize that you have him as your featured header. I thought that he was the photo for your last post. I am sorry that I did not realize that you had indeed posted long before we got back home. If you had not mentioned posting in the comment to my blog I would have just kept logging on to your blog and seeing the picture, not read further, look for a date etc., etc. Lesson learned - open my eyes.

    We did have fun and Jen made us feel so welcome.

    Eyes are closing here - tty soon.