Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Soapbox Time

I need to get on my soapbox today, so please be patient with me. I am so truly blessed by good friends, near and far. I have a wonderful BFF, Colleen, (AKA-Lucy) who accepts me as I am, good and bad, never complains about me repeating myself or when I get moody, always sees the good in me and others, and is always there. I cannot imagine her not being there for me! I am also thankful for Gran and Kim, both who I consider very good friends, a blast to be around, both very generous, and both always there if I needed anything. I guess you could say, they all three are my Guardian Angels! They are also wonderful people to get in trouble with!! I am also thankful for my family, husband and son, my job, and that we have all our basic needs taken care of, which in this day, is very important! My BFF, Colleen was not feeling very well today, in fact, I took her Christmas present over to her, and she really did not look good at all! (Sorry Colleen;-)) You could tell she just didn't feel up to par, but she loved her present as much as I loved making it for her! I hope everyone has friends like me, they are priceless! I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas, and a Healthy and Happy New Year!!


  1. that's a nice soapbox to be on! Merry Christmas

  2. You are blessed in so many ways! Merry Christmas!

  3. You've got a friend in me - sung to the tune in I think Toy Story....
    It sure is nice to reflect at this time of year and appreciate all that you are blessed with. You are an angel in my life, I will never forget you bringing me flowers on the morning after the first night of Knot-y Embroidery Ladies.