Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Morning After

Last night, our Knot-y Ladies met, and we had our Christmas social. The food was wonderful, especially, Kim's spiced almonds! We had some yummy zucchini squares, and of course, lots of sweets, cookies, and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Gran was so cute, and she decorated everything so pretty, I forgot to take my camera, but if you go to Kim's Big Quilting Adventure, she posted the pictures she took. We also did an ornament exchange, which was a lot of fun, except for my BFF, Colleen. She forgot to put her ornament in the box before she wrapped it up, and when Carolyn opened it, it was an empty box! My poor Colleen, she was so-o-o embarrassed, but she did have a few more of her ornaments she was finishing up with her, so she whipped one out of stash, and quickly finished it and gave it to Carolyn. I got a really sweet ornament made by Julie. It was a free pattern from Bird Brain Designs, the Charley Brown Christmas Tree. I love it! She also included a couple of Ghirardelli peanut butter and chocolate squares on the outside, which is the real reason I picked her present! We had so much fun! We really do have a fun group! Oh, and the news it out, Kim is teaching another class at BP & HH Feb. 6th, called Bah Bah Black Sheep, its all about wool, I cannot wait! Well, I need to go do some baking, have a great Tuesday!

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  1. Well, the dust is settling and I am sitting here with a cup of tea and checking in on you. Today is my morning after the parties and I think that I am one bless person to have you and the other Knot-y Ladies as friends and kinder stitching souls.

    I have to post to my blog later today.
    I am so looking forward to our PMS Night on Friday.