Monday, November 2, 2009

Time Change

Well Saturday was the time change for us in California, and I think the rest of the US also. I get the "Fall Back, Spring Forward" thing, but I wish someone would tell my tummy!! I no sooner get up, it thinks its lunch time, but I haven't had breakfast or at least my morning cup of coffee yet. Then, when I have lunch, wham, its time for dinner. I am not sure I will get use to this. Yesterday, I kept wanting to take naps, I was so-o-o-o tired, today, no naps, trying to stay off the caffeine so I can sleep. At least I got some stitching done. I put away all of the Halloween decorations yesterday, and put out the Thanksgiving decor. I just don't get it, why do the stores pass over Thanksgiving so fast? You can leave the decorations up longer, so the consumer might be inclined to spend a little more to get more use out of them, I'm just saying, at least that is how I think. Since Mondays I get to work out of my home, due to the reports that are due on Monday, I was able to enjoy a very nice cup of tea late this afternoon on the patio, enjoying the beautiful fall weather, watching Orca being silly on the grass. He would roll on his back and act like he is riding a bike in the air!! He is such a goof ball. His winter coat is starting to come in, so he is extra fluffy and furry. And I got a chance just to relax and enjoy the outdoors for a few minutes, until hubby called to see what is for dinner!! I told him leftovers, I wasn't hungry! I felt a little guilty, so I threw some large potatoes in the oven to bake, I made a hug pot of hamburger soup yesterday, navy bean and ham soup Saturday, so there was plenty of soup leftover, and he can always heat up some chili to put on top of his tator! Hmmm, that sounds good, off to heat up some chili!! Take care!

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