Saturday, November 28, 2009

On The Road Again!!

Yes, Kim and Gran are Thelma and Louise, then I guess me and Colleen are Lucy and Ethel!! We are on the road again, heading first to Starbucks, ( come on now, do you really think one can go anywhere with out stopping for fuel first??!!), and then up to Auburn to Auburn Needleworks, a stitching store that we have been dying to get to, and then of course to Cabin Fever Quilt store, and I would think by then, we would need to refuel, and head back down to The Tin Thimble, since they have moved into larger quarters, we need to check it out! And we also plan to stop at the Beverly's in Rocklin. Oh how I missed this store, this is probably the best Beverly's I have ever been in, and I so-o-o-o-o miss going in to browse and visit!! I am sure there will be a few unplanned stops along the way, but that is half of the fun, isn't it?? Yes, it is early, but I need to get ready for the big day, stretching and warming up so I don't pull a muscle getting in and out of the car, and reaching and bending down looking at everything!! It is quite windy here in Northern California today, suppose to be like that all day, and with us heading up the hill, I am sure it would be perfect adventure weather! Happy shopping to all!!!


  1. MY friend Val and I call ourselves Thelma and Louise( I am Thelma( not near as tall or as beautiful as Geena Davis but.. She is Louise we finally decided. A couple of winter's ago we went on a road trip to Calgary to visit the Glenbow Museum. They had a great Emily Carr exhibit- a fabulous Canadian artist. She gave me a Thelma for my key chain. We had a great time at the bead show today- She makes such beautiful pieces- I quilt and she beads and together we have fun - just like you and Colleen. What is better than a friend that you have a great time with, no matter what you do together. We used to have a series of shopping stops but lately haven't had the time or opportunity.
    I am sure that you and Colleen will have a great road trip.
    Warmest regards,

  2. So how'd it go? Inquiring minds . . . .