Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Little Bump Who Could

Have you ever felt like the train in the story, "The Little Train Who Could"? That is exactly how I felt today, I think I can, I think I can, make it to Friday!! No plans for this week-end, yeah, except, to visit one craft show for the Senior Citizen's Club here in Galt. My mom is manning the Bake Sale Table, which is not good! She will be their best customer!! Her shift is only for 2 hours, which she will enjoy so much, then she asked me to come up and walk the sale with her, and she might even splurge and buy me lunch! I was never one to give up a free meal! Then back home to do some much needed stitching and sewing. Sunday, is football and stitching, although, hubby wants to hit the supermarket to get any last minute items for Thanksgiving, so I will need to check the schedule to see what time my Cowboys are playing and then I, I mean, we'll decide! Work is work, I enjoy my clients, but feel their pain, no one is buying cars right now. I have to be encouraging to them, so I also need to do some baking to take them some cookies to cheer them up! I have some really nice clients, and I am really lucky, because I could have had the opposite, and that is no fun!! Need to go finish dinner, baked chicken, sour cream mash potatoes, steamed broccoli and pumpkin surprise for dessert. Here's wishing everyone that Friday gets here FAST!!

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  1. Oh, I'm doing much the same--I need to figure out what's still needed for Thanksgiving and shop on Sunday. Tomorrow? Cleaning, I think! At least the weekend's nearly here!