Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Comings and Goings On

This week had not started out as one might have hoped. My job, although very grateful to have one, does get my hair in a dander sometimes. This past Monday was no different. We are getting bombarded with reports, reports and more reports, on top of our normal reports that are due every Monday, which is very frustrating, which causes the stress. Well, this past Monday, I fought back, nothing and no one was keeping me away from my Knot-y Ladies class. I missed last month because of work, but no more, not now, not ever!!! My BFF Colleen and I met up in Elk Grove and off we were to BP&HH. I was telling her about all of the new patterns that Lindy had, so we got there early so she could check things out. Class was a blast, as usual, and Gran was in fine style, she taught us a couple of new stitches, the Chain Stitch and the Feather Stitch. I really enjoyed practicing both of them, that when I got home, I continued my practicing for an hour or so. I even amaze myself sometimes! It's nice to be learning new stitches instead of using the same stitch over and over again in all I do. I am really enjoying my embroidery, and I am very thankful for Gran, and her knowledge and patience she shows to me! I need to get some sleep, I am off and running early tomorrow for an early meeting with a client in Modesto, and if we do get the rain that is predicted tonight, the roads will not be fun tomorrow, so I need to leave earlier than I normally do. Thanks for stopping by, sweet dreams to all!!


  1. I admire you. I know when you feel like pulling out your hair, you are very patient and kind. I have seen you in action and that is your mode of operation, patient and kind. However, the workplace is stressful at best these days, and that is when girlfriends help. We understand each other trying to do the best we can, give a good days work for a good days pay, and how we need to stop every now and then and pick up the embroidery. Hang in there!

  2. Hope that Tuesday was less busy at work than Monday. It is good to play as well as to work- one needs to find balance between the two- for me, it is a never ending challenge- perhaps you find it the same? There is nothing better than spending time with your crafty creative friends. It feeds one's spirit and I am sure that you enjoyed some laughter and good times together. Nice to see that you are recovered from the flu- hope it stays away now. Be well, my friend.
    Warmest regards,