Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What's Up?

Not much new here in Orca land. Work is work, and I am sure by now, everyone is tired of hearing about my job. So, I thought I would share something about my favorite dog, Orca. This morning, while drinking my morning tea, he was watching me through the sliding glass door, as he does every morning. Except, this morning, he was looking particularly cuter than normal, so of course that means an extra treat. Well, he took the treat, and walked around the patio and yard, just letting it rest in his mouth. He finally walked over to the other side of the fireplace, and all I could see was his tail and rear end. I knew exactly what he was doing, he was seasoning his dog treat, AKA-burying his bone! He then turned around and looked at me, and this is what I saw, (see picture). A nice big clump of mud on his cute nose, and of course, Orca looking at me like, "What, what are you looking at? What did I do?" I just hugged him and went on my merry way to get ready for work. Don't we love our dogs??


  1. He is so pretty! Love the nose picture!

  2. Such a cute dog, and he looks so happy!

  3. Very cute picture of Orca- Pets do keep life fun. Our dog and cat are not the best of buddies and they love to chase one another around ( much to the chagrin of the cat)
    We are watching the Olympics and the hockey game against the Swiss- yikes it is hard to watch....
    Have a great evening..