Thursday, February 11, 2010

Busy Week

Yes, it has been a very busy week for me, and I am sure with everyone else. My job is my top priority right now, so not much time for stitching and fun stuff, which I am sad to say. I know I need to nitch some time in my schedule for me and for my stitching, but after such a l-o-o-o-ng
day, it has been hard to mustard up the time. But it will get better!! My long awaited box of veggies and fruits showed up yesterday, and when I got home, late last night, I was pleasantly surprised and delighted! I immediately cleaned the veggies and got them ready to include them in our meals. Both hubby and son were very pleased with our "goodie" box, and hubby even commented that he does not think this will last us past a week. We originally signed up for every other week, so I most likely will be changing that this week-end. I am also sharing the box with my mom, who is on a limited income as most seniors, but mainly because I want her to eat more healthy and fresh veggies and fruits, with out the pesticides. I have a good friend who lives north of Sacramento in Yuba City that has 3 kids, and each child has their own raised garden that they are responsible for. Her husband and his father also raise bees and harvest Organic Honey, and she is bringing me a couple of jars. What a treat, I cannot wait! I am especially excited, because I saw someone make a Carmel sauce out of honey, and I am dying to try that! I can only imagine how yummy that will be, and I am also looking forward to sweetening my hot tea with some of her honey. Well, off to work, have a wonderful Thursday! I am looking forward to this week-end, for I get to play at BP & HH and I also have my wool penny class with Gran! What a double treat!! Hugs to all!


  1. I can see how busy you are, but I hope that you find some time for fun too!

  2. Your pictures are inviting. Everything looks so good and fresh.
    We have been having too many "treats" with my mother here. I tried to make everyday special and of course when I was not baking, I was buying pies, cakes, stuff. I feel like I need to detox LOL.
    Right on for being engaged in your job. I know you know how to have fun and stitch when you can. You are a good example to us all.
    I am looking forward to working on our new penny rug on Saturday. Lindy has the Calico Braided Rug needles in! I love them.

    When you have time to touch down, remember who loves yha babe!