Thursday, February 4, 2010

Miss My Kimmy!!

In case you haven't heard or read, Kim is out for 2 months. I received a call from Carol at BP to let me now that Kim's class Saturday has been cancelled and reschedule for April 3rd. How am I going to survive without my Kimmy? I have coffee with her, (I mean her blog) every morning, I will be at a lost. Now I have that out of my system, I want to say that I hope Kim is healing and getting better everyday, and she will be back in no time. I can still see her and talk to her, but like a lot of you, I started my day off with reading her blog. So, I think we all need to head over to her blog and wish her a speedy recovery. In fact, they do say that prayer is a powerful thing, so how about everyone saying a prayer for her speedy recovery and she will be back even faster! Take care my dear Kim!!

1 comment:

  1. "Miss My Kimmy!!" well put. Your reminder to keep her in our prayers is a good one.