Monday, February 8, 2010

Reports, Reports, Reports

Today was report day, and not only the normal reports that I am required to complete each Monday, but an additional 2 more reports! My eyes are so tired from working on the laptop, that I am sorry to say, I am not able to do any stitching tonight! That does not make me happy, because I was looking forward to doing some stitching. I was not able to do any yesterday due to the Superbowl game being such an exciting game. I did try to do some stitching, but every time I would stitch, something exciting would happen on the TV, so I finally gave up and just watch the game. Last year for Mother's Day, hubby made me a light box, but he made it really too high. He had good intentions, he thought that the higher it was, the less bending I would have to do. Sadly, it was not good for tracing, because the light was not close enough to show through the fabric to trace the pattern. So, he cut the box down, in half exactly, and now, it is perfect! I actually have an extra frame for another light box, minus the plexiglass and light, but my son's girlfriend, who is quite artistic, has taken ownership of it. She has always wanted a light box to enlarge pictures, and was quite impressed with the box hubby made me, so I think it has found a new home. My son has some extra plexiglass for the top, and she is getting the light. Well, my eyes are ready to close, so I am saying good night. Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Think of the times that you can not stitch as R&R for your hands and wrists. :o)
    The super bowl was exciting here at our house too. Our #2 son was very disappointed that "his" Colts did not win and I think he has recovered now. What a treat to have your DH make you a new light box. I think he loves you.