Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall is in the air, I hope!!

Wow, today was beautiful and cool, nice cool delta breeze. I hope it stick around!! Today, my work laptop was still on the fritz, so I went and made some client visits, and came home and it works for now. We shall see tomorrow, it may be a whole different story then. Today, my Cowboys are playing, so that means, no cooking for me!! I picked up a pizza at Papa Murphy's for dinner, and I sat on the sofa and stitch, stitch, stitch while I watch my Cowboys win!! Tomorrow, out in the field. The weather is suppose to stay cooler, so it will be nice weather. I need to get some batteries for my camera so I can take pictures of the patterns I bought last week in San Mateo. Well, off to put my feet up and stitch some more while I watch Ken Burn's film on our National Parks. Last night it was really interesting and I learned a lot that I didn't know, so that is always a good thing! Have a cool evening!!

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  1. We are having a cool evening here tonight! It feels so good
    Congratulations on all the stitching that you are getting done. It is neat to hear and that you are fast. A talent that you have and are developing at the speed of sound. I hope you feel so happy for yourself.

    Sorry to hear that your laptop is still on again, off again. Boo Hoo!

    The Ken Burns Nation Parks pieces on TV are spectacular. Great to learn by and to embroider by :0)