Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bummer Saturday

Well, bad news, Elegant Stitches was closed, they are on their way to Quilt Market I think. At least, we had the sense to check their website before venturing down to Modesto. What did we do instead? Well, Colleen's daughter had a friend spend the night, so she was going to clean house and stitch. As for myself, I helped hubby trim the tree branches, getting ready for winter, and to make room for decorating for Halloween. It is my husband's favorite holiday. After cutting limbs and branches down, my limbs and branches were sore!! So I took a soak in the tub, and relaxed the rest of the day on the sofa and did what, but stitch, stitch and stitch!! It felt so good and I did get a lot done. I also fixed an autumns dinner, roast chicken, rice and green beans, which I later found out my friend Kim made also, except she made mashed potatoes instead of rice. My arms were too sore! Today, Sunday, hubby made breakfast, which is what he does every Sunday, and he does a good job I must say and I clean up. We are enjoying the football season that has started, which is good for me, because it motivates me to get my housekeeping chores done so I can watch also! I also get a lot of stitching done. I am going through my Australian Magazines to see what stitching projects I have marked and I am tracing them out so they are ready to go! Hubby will barb-b-que as usual, which I like. Clean up is a snap. Here's wishing everyone a relaxing Sunday, and remember, to take time to smell the roses! We deserve it!!

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  1. You amaze me!. Out there cutting down limbs off the trees and then cutting them up to fit into the green waste bins. Amazing!
    What a good idea to houseclean during the football and baseball games. Game by game, the whole house will have what it needs done and you can feel pretty darn good about yourself.

    Love Yha!