Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back to Work

Today, was a busy day, like most for me, I had a checkup with my dentist, (he has really soft hands!), and lots of dealer visits to make. I wasn't feeling up to par, so I came home early but continued to work. Tomorrow, I will be going to the San Mateo Quilt and Craft show with Colleen, so I need to be up to snuff, as my grandma used to say, or maybe that is what she dipped!! My mom came over and I made her lunch and we just chatted and caught up with each other. I do talk to her everyday, sometimes twice, just to check on her and make sure she is eating and taking her meds, (she is a diabetic, but loves her carbs and sweets!). She had a check up yesterday with her doctor and she was pretty evasive with me about the outcome, so I had to drag it out of her today. It's good for her to get up, get ready everyday like she has to go to the store or do errends, otherwise, she just lies on her sofa and that's it. Her spirits seem to better when she does get up and going, so I really try to encourage her. I can't wait until tomorrow, we are going t have a blast! We are also going to do our own little shop hop, so both of us have been goggling quilt and embroidery/needlecraft stores to explore! I already have hubby's dinner in the fridge, leftovers from tonight, homemade spagehetti sauce and pasta. I was feeling energetic, what can I say? I have fresh batteries in my camera so I am ready to take lots of pictures to share, so please check back. Ta tah!!


  1. How blessed your mother is to have you for a daughter. You look after so many people - being the caring, people person that you are!

    Thank you for the surprise thread in my folder. Found it, love it and can hardly wait to use it. I owe you!

    Presencia Metallics came in yesterday in wonderful colours. Red, green, pink.... they look like they belong in our embroideries.

    OMG - MI-5 is on Channel 6!

    Later - got to grab my embroidery.


  2. Sounds like your going to have great spend girl and come home with lots of good stuff.

  3. So, how was the show?! Looking forward to a report before too long!