Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Love the Week-End!!!

Well today is a great day, I am working at BP&HH today. I got there and right from the start I knew it was going to be a busy day! I love it when it is busy. I get to meet and help the nicest people, get to play with fabric, and oh yes, I get to DUST! I just need to remember to do my yoga exercises before I start to dust! Lindy got in some beautiful fall fabric, and 1 bolt of Turkey fabric. Well, Lindy, Julie and I all just had to get 2 yards of it to make napkins for Thanksgiving! It is too cute! I also bought some other Autumn fabric to make napkins out of. We are trying to be more green friendly here in the Bump Household! When I got home, hubby made Chicken Parm and pasta, garlic bread and salad. Yummy! It was good, so I did not mind to do the clean up. He didn't make a big mess so I was really thankful. Tomorrow, we go to San Francisco, to Pac Bell Park. We have a meeting with SF Giants baseball organization and them getting more involved with youth baseball, and they picked Northern California Cal Ripken, and hubby is the State Commissioner. I can't wait. We both love baseball and the we haven't attended a game there this year, so we are pretty excited. I am going to get some stitching done, so good night and have a great Sunday!


  1. I sure hope you left some of that Thanksgiving fabric for me. When I saw it on Friday, I wondered if I should get some then. I love it!!!!
    What a great idea to make napkins.

    Your day tomorrow sounds like a very special one. You and your DH are wonderful representatives of baseball. Your time, talent and love of the sport make baseball happen for so many here in Northern California. You are pretty darn special.

  2. HI Pam,
    My husband has long been a baseball fan- His father too - They are St Louis Cardinal fans His dad S.,right up until his passing nearly two years now, followed baseball since the days of Stan Musial. Bruce found this years all star game particularly moving with Stan the MAn and Albert Pujols together.

    As for the fall fabrics the floral one is stunning. Dinner sounded delicious - your husband is a good cook too.
    Hope you have a great week and fun doing all the things related to baseball.
    Cal Ripken is a great ambassador for the sport- I hope you get some great support for youth baseball.
    Did I tell you that I attended summer school at San Francisco State in 1979- wow 30 years ago now?