Sunday, May 30, 2010

They Are at It Again!

Yes, let's just say, the town of Modesto was not prepared for Lucy and Ethel! I picked Colleen up at 9:20, first stop, liquid fuel at McDonald's, $1.00 for large ice teas/soda, (I know Starbucks is good, but why spend more when you can save and spend at a quilt store?!!). Them, off to The Elegant Stitch. I have been talking about this store to Colleen, and she has been wanting to see it, so we went. It is a Counted Stitch store, but they gave a wonderful selection of floss, wool and buttons that I cannot resist! They just started carrying the wool, Moda and Weeks, but a pretty good selection. They also carry a VERY large selection of Gentle Art and Week's floss, which I love Gentle Arts, but the selection of Week's is addicting, the muted variegated colors are so pretty and the possibilities are endless. The owner was so-o-o-o nice and so willing to help! She is also starting to carry Bird Brain Designs and is also planning stitching retreats. Next stop, Yesterday Books, a very large and clean used book store. Only problem, they were a little pricey! Next door to them was Joann's, Colleen need some fleece to make liners for her Guinea Pigs, who are so adorable! And I bought 3 patterns! They were $1.00, normally $15.95, but I am having a hard time finding cool tops for work in my size, so I thought I would make some simple ones. By this time we were famished, so we went to Fuddruckers for lunch, a do it yourself hamburger place, and they were delicious! We both waddled out and walked it off at Wal-Mart, Colleen needed cleaning stuff, and I looks at some summer tops, came out with 3! Next top was Hospice Thrift Store. I had seen this place, but never stop, it was very clean and nice, a little small, but fun to look through, but we were getting tired, or at least I was, so we stopped at Beverly's, all fabric 25% off, and looked around, well, I had a bit of a melt down there, so poor Colleen and I left. They would not accept a Joann's coupon, so I left the cut fabric in the basket and walked out! I think I was just getting really tired and hot by this time, so home we came, 4:30 pm. I also forgot to bring my camera! I hope you all have a wonderful week-end. Hubby and I are attended the Sammy Hager/Heart Concert tonight at Raley Field, for Walk/Rock for Kids. My job has a suite, and we have invited clients to attend with us, so it should be fun. Hugs!!

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  1. Catching up on my reading tonight - as always I love your posts! Someday I'll make it to Elegant Stitches. Living through you girl.
    Big Hug to you!