Friday, May 7, 2010

Thelma & Louise Plus 1..............

No, it's not the Duggars, but Thelma and Louise and I! Off to the wild blue yonder, for adventures galore! I picked up Shirley first, and let me tell you, what a lovely yard and house she has! She truly has a peaceful and lovely view of beautiful flowers, trees and birds to enjoy with her cup of tea! Then off to pick up Kim, who had Soccer Son decorating her front yard for us when we got there! Her landscaping is doing real fine, and pictures just do not do it justice! Well, then we headed off to Rocklin to the Flower Farm. My GPS was acting up, but we found it without any issues or problems, and what an adorable place it was! It's hard to believe that a place like this is so close to us in Sacramento! Carol W. had told Kim and Shirley about it, and I will have to thank her at our next Knot-y Ladies class! Well, we promptly sat down on the patio and got a yummy lunch. What a sight we must have been, because all at once, all 3 of us took our camera's out to take a picture of our lunch! I could only imagine what the other customers must have thought! After we ate our delicious sandwiches and salads, we sat off to explore the property. There was a lake, water wheel, several places to sit and relax, pathways through their garden, a potting shed with gifts, (pictures to follow tomorrow of my treasures!), Bed & Breakfast on the back side of the property. Kim bought some plants for her yard, Shirley bought some potatoes to plant. Then, off to the Tin Thimble, where I purchases some wool and fabric, and we also walked around the nursery there, where we all came away with tomato plants! I purchased a Cherokee Purple and also a Christmas Basil plant. I can't wait for the basil-fresh pesto, tomato, basil, cheese salads, fresh basil in angel hair pasta, the choices are endless!! Then to the Quilter's Stash. I was kind of disappointed with their selection of fabric, but then again, every store has their own nitch, and this just wasn't my nitch. Then home. I am sure Kim and Shirley were tired. I hope I didn't scare them with my driving! ;-) I ran by BP&HH to pick up my wool kit for my wool penny class this Saturday, because I will not be able to attend. My hubby and I are heading over to Half Moon Bay for the day. I think our son may join us, we shall see. Well, my water is boiling for my tea, so off I go to stitch and drink since I can not sleep. And yes, its decaf tea! Hugs to all!!

PS-I just wanted to thank Kim and Shirley again for their friendship and kindness. God has really blessed me with wonderful friends who I can laugh and cry with and you two are the BEST!! I can always "Depend" on you two for a good time!!!


  1. you know what you're in for hanging with those two crazy ladies? Now I'll have to keep any eye on you to make sure they don't lead you down that twisted road of theirs...

  2. Well, suffice it to say (I like that phrase...) having dependable friends has taken on a "new" meaning. Good times with good friends!

  3. Have a great weekend, Pam! Now I know why--sort of!--you were posting a comment on my blog in the middle of the night--you just couldn't sleep! Probably all that excitement we had--LOL! Thanks again for a happy time with wonderful friends.

  4. I hope that you have a fabulous Mother's Day Pam. You girls keep having fun- there is nothing better than having good friends who are there in good times and bad.
    Happy stitching.