Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The REAL Knot-y Ladies of Sacramento

Yep, last night was the new season, or new year of Knot-y Ladies at BP & HH. Gran was back, fresh from the East Coast and ready to go. I think she had a little bit of jet lag, poor thing! All of the usual characters were back with a couple of new ones, so I think we are off to a grand start. We had some yummy goodies, and caught up with what everyone is doing, so I think we are well on our way to another wonderful, and fun year of stitching!! Gran didn't even make us do yoga, so you know she had to be exhausted!! I didn't take any pictures but I will get some next time. My BFF, Colleen and her daughter are proud owners of 2 new guinea pigs, and their names are Lily and Skittles. Unfortunately, Skittles has an upper respiratory infection and is not feeling very well. They are taking it back to the vet, poor little thing! We do love our pets, they are like family members. It is pouring rain right now, and lucky me, gets to go out in it!! I much rather call in sick, lite the fireplace and stitch, but not today. Have a wonderful and dry spring week!!


  1. Who are you calling a "character"?! LOL! Hey, it seemed like we hardly got to chat last night. We need to have a Thelma, Louise, Lucy, and Ethel night soon!

  2. Yup I had jet lag. It was fun and I did kick myself for not doing my embroidery yoga, even though we talked about it and I had it in my notes to do. Hey, your HPV stitchery is looking great!! Lovely Bunch of Knot-y Characters!