Friday, April 30, 2010

A Day Late and A Dollar Short

I was to say I am sorry for being late. One of my clients had passed away unexpectedly and his services were yesterday. They were a couple of hours away from my home, but I felt along with my manager that we should attend, he was a very sweet and funny man, and we were sad to hear about his passing. Anyway, I am back and I have posted my 2 giveaways. The fabric is a custom fabric that a quilt store in Turlock had made, the store is Cloths and More. Susan is a sweetheart at that store! There is also a travel bar of my favorite soap that Lindy from BP&HH got me hooked on, and she also carries the line. It's made from goat's milk, and the lavender scent is so light and clean, and my skim feels so-o-o soft afterwards, but the real reason I love it so much, is that it leaves no soap film and it is a hard milled soap, so it last forever!!!! Ok, here are the rules, 1 entry for leaving a comment and which package you would like. 2 entries for posting it on your blog!! I think that is simple enough. I will post the winners on Monday morning-since I will be on vacation next week. Yes, I am having my own little quilt camp at my house with moi! Have a wonderful Friday, and a beautiful Springy day!!!


  1. Wow congratulations to you! Two mints in one! Very Nice!
    Please excuse me from the drawing - I won your last one :o)
    You have my ever lasting excitement over your being in blogland a whole year! You go girl!

  2. Both prizes are super! Do we have to pick? I would love either one! Well I am doing a lot of strip pieceing lately!

  3. OOOO....I am jealous that you are off next week. I like the Handmade book.

  4. What a nice giveaway Pam- How lovely it will be for your winners- It would be hard to choose which one I like better.
    So sorry to hear about your friends' husband.
    Have a fun quilt camp- I am sure you will get lots of things done.
    Warmest regards,

  5. Either one would be lovely, but the handmade book sounds nice. What a lovely giveaway and prizes!

  6. Oh, pick me! LOL! I'd love the one with "The New Handmade" book--that looks really cool! But most of all, I wanted to say congratulations on blogging for a year! Happy blogiversary! I wish I'd realized you were doing the giveaway now--I would have posted a mention on my blog. I've just been so caught up with the class and all, I haven't had a chance to visit in Blogland. Enjoy your time off--hope we can get together!