Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Got Kool-Aid??

Yes folks, last Saturday things were happening at BP & HH. Ms. Kim Powers was teaching another one of her famous classes, and I, one of her lucky groupies got to attend. The picture posted is 1 of the 3 kits she offered. She also gave us some tips on where to purchase our wool, thrift stores, how to felt it ourselves and also how to dye it with Kool-Aid!! She even demo the technique in class, with grape Kool-Aid. I thought it was amazing how the wool takes the color and the water is clear. She also feed us, (probably hoping we would not talk too much!!) with a delicious pasta salad and green salad that were both yummy. She also gave us a goodie bag with pins, needle, pencil and a candy filled egg, and also 2 packs of Kool-Aid, so we can try dyeing wool at home ourselves. We had a great group of ladies, (and soon to be groupies I am sure!) there. I cannot wait for Kim's Schnibble class in May. Check out her website for more pictures and class listing, Kim's Big Quilting Adventure. Gotta run, enjoy the beautiful weather where ever you are!


  1. I caught the post on Kim's blog. What FUN! She has great luck with finding wool "stuff" at thrift stores. No such luck for me. Either no one gets rid of their wool out here OR I'm just not looking very well!

  2. What fun Pam- I love your sunflower piece- never have tried wool quilting- I enjoyed reading Kim's piece about KoolAid dyeing- it sounds like great fun.
    I am working on a new quilt- trying to find some balance in life and not quite managing it just now. I will write a new post soon.
    Always great to read about you California girls quilting adventures.