Thursday, April 1, 2010

48 Hours and Counting......................

Until Saturday, when I get to attend Kim's class at BP&HH, Baa Baa Black Sheep. I cannot wait!!! I have been waiting so long, and Kim has really created some adorable projects for us! I mainly want to hear her tips on wool and felting the wool at home, myself. I will try to remember to take pictures, (minus Kim!) and post them for those who are not able to attend her class. I think Kim should take her classes on the road, like a rockband's tour. She has a ton of groupies!!! Until then, have a wonderful Thursday!!


PS-Go to the Kaaren has posted her First Friday Freebie 1 day early and it is adorable!!!!!!!!


  1. Hey toots! Just saw you posted before I was going to log off and start sewing for a little bit. I so excited too! I am working from 9-12, do you want me to save you a spot? That is assuming I can get a spot....

  2. I hope it was worth the wait!