Monday, March 14, 2011

Whew, I am SO Tired!!!

Man, the past 5 days, have been so busy for me! My friend, Matilda, (the name have been changed to protect the innocent!) and I have been participating in a shop hop in the Central Valley and Bay area, and a little down the Central coast, but inland. It took us 3 days, but we did get to 20 of 22 stores! The only 2 stores we were not able to get to was due to the tsunami evaluations, and traffic was TERRIBLE! It wasn't for lack of trying for us, it just came down to traffic, other than that, there were no other problems or issues with traffic, just with me reading a map, but that is a whole other story and yes I do know my left from right, just no N,S,E, or W! What a great way to see other shops and also see what is going on in the quilting community. I was very disappointed, there was hardly any embroidery! (Except for Thimble Creek/Concord, which is my go to store now, they have anything and everything for embroidery and the staff are out of this world!!) Matilda has already plotted our plan of attack for Quilt Rush 2011 next month, and I cannot wait. I am sure/hope Jackie and Mona can join us! I had Christmas Sew Along on Saturday, but was unable to sew since we were finishing up our shop hop, but I plan to sew this week, so I will catch up. Oh, if you are in the Manteca area, stop by Ladybug Quilts, I happen to be there last Thursday when they received a shipment of Moda fabric, Dragonflies, OMG, the fabric is so beautiful! Plus the gals down there are about the sweetest in the world, and their shop is just too cute! Enjoy your extra hour of sunlight, I know I will, hugs to all!


  1. Sounds like a fun but hectic few days!

  2. Thanks for the awesome feedback re: Ladybugs! It warms my heart and comforts my soul! Glad you and Matilda (who's about as innocent as you, by the way!) had some time together and had fun..... Miss you!