Sunday, November 28, 2010

What I Did On My Thanksgiving Vacation

One week ago, Saturday, I took Kim's Christmas Wreath Class. This opened up a can of worms for me, why? Because, I have been making wreaths ever since then, minus 3 days, due to my injured finger. I have since found out that I can still tie them with my other fingers and not my index finger. I have 2 other ones completed, but I cannot show them, since the people they are for do read my blog. The one in the picture is for my son's girlfriend, who does not read my blog. She told me she doesn't have any decorations for her apartment, so I thought this was most fitting. I also gave her a tea towel that I had stitched a snowman on. She was very grateful and she is a really sweet gal! I hope my son keeps this one!! Today, I am making cookie dough for baking, but not today. I am really not in the mood to bake, sad, but true. I am hoping to get the rest of our Christmas lights up since it is not raining. We are already tired of leftovers, so the family asked for beef for dinner. I think it will be salisbury steak and hot noodles, a good, yummy meal after working outside. Hope you have a good rest of your holiday week-end!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Little Late

I am so sorry this is a little late, but I am minus a finger, a right index finger to be exact! Tuesday, I smashed it in my car door in the Starbucks parking lot. I had to unlock the door and pull my finger out of the lock. I am very grateful that it is not broken. I went inside and a Starbuck's employee helped me get to the restroom. It's a pretty big gash, and my finger has swollen to 3-4 times the size it should be, but we got it bandaged. She even gave me a free coffee!! She thought I should go to Urgent Care for stitches, and that is the wrong thing to tell me!! I finished my client calls, and then met hubby at Walgreens for first aid supplies. You see, I was a Girl Scout for over 10 years, I have a badge in First Aid, so I was qualified to apply my medical knowledge to the situation!! Actually, the next day, I did go to the doctors, but she could not do stitches, too late, nor xrays, there was a fire the previous day, just my luck! She doesn't think it is broken, fracture, she is not sure, the car lock went through my finger, if I went last night, I would have received stitches. She bandaged my finger, gave me instructions, and explained to my that having a badge in First Aid does not qualify me to apply medical treatment, WHATEVER! Hubby was really good in helping me finish Thanksgiving prep, and Colleen and her man came over and we had a really good time!! Only downfall, no stitching for me, I have no feeling in my finger and it is still swollen. I did attempt dishes today, it was too bad until I hit my finger on the side on a dish, then I was a little vocal!! One last note, I did attend Zumba Thanksgiving morning, and I did feel so much better!! Enjoy the start of the Holiday Season!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Do Ya Zumba?

I do! Twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday evening, 7-8pm, and I am addicted! I have been going to Zumba for 7 weeks now, and even though its only twice a week, I am seeing a difference in my body and how I feel. I may grip and groan that I am too tired to go, but I still go and I am so glad I did after class! It helps to have a great instructor, and I personally think I have the best in Renee. She is so encouraging and if you are not coordinated, (like me!) she tells you to do what you can, it will come to you soon, and she is right. I am finally getting the hang of it just in time for her to change our routine! My job is my job still, same old, same old, tough economy, but we keep on pounding the payment in hopes that it can't get much worse, it has to get better! I will try to post a picture of my finish Thanksgiving project, but I need to sew on some buttons first. Have a wonderful week, hugs to all!!

PS-Can't wait for Saturday, the world famous Kim is teaching another class at BP&HH, and I am attending!! Can't wait!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Rainy Sunday Afternoon

Today, in Northern California we had a rainy, windy day. It was glorious! So glorious, hubby and I got dressed and headed out to do so me much needed shopping. We had to get some MUCH needed necessities at Target, but of course, we needed to stop at Starbucks first, where I think everyone else in the Sacramento area was! Then off to Target, and then Home Depot, then Lowe's, then through Mickey D's drive thru for a bargain Diet Coke, then home for lunch. What were we looking for? An electric weeder, since my hubby goes through one every 18 months! But Home Depot was out of the one he wanted, but they were really nice and called another store that will hold it for me to pick up tomorrow. We were also looking for an artificial Christmas tree. We have one that is about 9 years old, a Martha Stewart one I got, and it has been a really good tree, but it has seen better days, and we have a lot of limbs that no longer work. We have been getting fresh trees for the past couple of years, but the mess and all I am not liking to deal with, so here we are, trying to find one that we both like. Hubby does not want a prelit tree, he hates all white lights, I like all white lights, so we compromise and alternate every year. From what I have seen so far, these are getting expensive, and hard to find unlit trees, but we did find one at Lowe's and Target that we like, and I think they are the same tree, same price. I will check out Walmart tomorrow, they have a similar tree online and at the store. We came home to a big pot of stew in the crock pot and I made some cornbread in my large cast iron skillet, it was so-o-o-o good! Then I watch a little football, snoozed a little, a little football, snoozed a little, well, you get the picture. It was a very productive day! Now back to the grindstone of work, ugh! Hope all have a wonderful week! Hugs!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I AM So-o-o-o Sorry!!

I am so sorry for not updating my blog any sooner! I had today off, and met up with some fellow stitchers at BearPaws. We are trying to meet once a month and stitch, talk, eat and laugh together. We do really enjoy each other's company. I told them today when they mentioned that I haven't blogged for awhile, that I didn't want to bore you with my work, work work issues, since that seems to be all that is going on in my life. I have been stitching some, but nothing completed yet. Today, however, I thought I was going to finish a project, when the girls thought we should go on a road trip, so off we went, to the first of five thrift stores, and of course, we needed to refuel, so we had lunch at Vallejo's! Oh, how I love their green salsa, its the BEST! But the best was the company that I got hang out with. It really re-energizes me to be with such fun and talented ladies. We talked about future days spent together, road trips to the Bay Area, down in the Central Valley, and of course, stitching together. Saturday evening at BP&HH, I did take the Dinner and a Mystery class. Our teacher, Carolyn did an excellent job. This is my first mystery class, and I really did enjoy it. I only got 1 block done, but I am working on the rest. I hope she does another one in the Spring. Tomorrow, back to the grindstone, but for now, I am going to enjoy my cup of tea, and this beautiful Fall weather that we are so lucky to be having before the family comes home from their jobs. I promise to do better in the future with my blogging. Hope all is well with all, hugs!!