Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Do Ya Zumba?

I do! Twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday evening, 7-8pm, and I am addicted! I have been going to Zumba for 7 weeks now, and even though its only twice a week, I am seeing a difference in my body and how I feel. I may grip and groan that I am too tired to go, but I still go and I am so glad I did after class! It helps to have a great instructor, and I personally think I have the best in Renee. She is so encouraging and if you are not coordinated, (like me!) she tells you to do what you can, it will come to you soon, and she is right. I am finally getting the hang of it just in time for her to change our routine! My job is my job still, same old, same old, tough economy, but we keep on pounding the payment in hopes that it can't get much worse, it has to get better! I will try to post a picture of my finish Thanksgiving project, but I need to sew on some buttons first. Have a wonderful week, hugs to all!!

PS-Can't wait for Saturday, the world famous Kim is teaching another class at BP&HH, and I am attending!! Can't wait!!


  1. I never heard of it, but is it a dance class? Sounds like fun excercise!

  2. Thanks for taking my class! I'll look forward to seeing your wreath when you get it done too.