Friday, September 3, 2010

September Morn!

This is the song I heard when I first woke up today. Good, ole Neil Diamond! It reminded me of how fast the year is going by! I am sorry for not posting more often, but my job is requiring A LOT of my attention right now. If only I could win the lottery, (of course with all of you!). I have been finishing up some stitching UFO's,( you know Gran, she just cracks that whip, don't ya know!! ;-) Tomorrow, I get to spend some time with my BFF, Colleen, who is going through some rough times in her family. I hope I can get her to relax and enjoy some time with out all of the pressures she has been having to go through. I cannot wait, I hope I can sleep. I am taking a class at BP&HH October 30th, Dinner and a Mystery. We are making a quilt top and enjoying a wonderful autumn feast. I cannot wait, but I need to get my fabrics ready for the class, thus tomorrow, Colleen and I head down to Beverly's, all of their fabric is 30% off all month long, and with a tight budget, this is a must. I am using a jelly roll of Let It Snow, but I still need 3 3/8 yards of background fabric to go with it, not to mention the 2 borders, so I am using Colleen to help me pick it out. I am sure Starbucks is on the menu also, and maybe a quick bite at Boudin. I am also hoping to get some sewing done, now that I have a sewing table. I should take a picture tomorrow and post it for all to see. Gran is on a wonderful trip/class, check out her blog, it has to do with the Crazy Quilt class that she and Kim will be teaching at BP Sept. 17 & 18. I am not sure if I will be able to take it, I will know more in a week or so. I hope there will still be room. Well, off to get ready for sleep, I wish all a wonderful and creative week-end! Hugs to all!


  1. Life is busy here too- I am sure you and Colleen will have a great time together- We all need to have friends like you who can be there in good times and bad.
    Hope you find the fabric you are looking for at Beverly's.
    I am back at school and the year is beginning to gear up here too. This weekend I want to get some quilting done while I still have some time.

  2. Enjoy your time together...It sounds like fun!