Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm Moving!!!!!

Thought that might catch your attention. Actually, I am moving in a way. We had a meeting today at my job, and we were informed that we are no longer allowed to work out of our home on a company laptop. The reason, because we just don't do it anymore, it is not allowed, and we should not be questioning it. Ok, so what are we suppose to do about our weekly and monthly reports, and where are we suppose to go to complete them, are ya sitting down, at Starbucks. Free Wi-Fi. Are you kidding me? So is the company going to pay for my beverage tab at Starbucks, I mean I just can't sit there and take up space, air and seat both with our purchasing something, right??!! And what about print outs, well, we are to write down the information, or go to a branch and print it out. Oh yeah, we also have to give the company the first and last 30 minutes of drive time free, meaning, no mileage, so now we have to figure that out. So, we are now in the field 5 days a week, ok, we have weekly reports, and monthly reports to complete at a Starbucks, ok, and we need to use the branch for printing anything we need, ok, and we have to give up mileage the first and last 30 minutes of the day, ok. What's next? I guess I need to be grateful I still have a job, and I am, but sometimes, I do not understand where their thinking and heads are. So, tomorrow, 8 am, I will be at Starbucks in the EG Automall, tomorrow afternoon, I will be at the Starbucks in Lodi. Oh, this makes sense, I will be getting a lot of business at Starbucks!! Maybe I can complete a job application while I am there, then I can work while I am there! Just had to vent. Is that a Venti, with an extra shot?? Hugs!


  1. Groaning for you - makes no sense to me!
    Sending my love from La Veta!

  2. Sounds pretty complex/confusing/ crazy to me- ...Pam....Hope that you are able to find a place to get your work done!
    Hang in there-
    Sending you warm wishes and good thoughts,

  3. At least they have treat receipts now, so your afternoon drink is cheaper! LOL! Okay, I really AM sympathetic and don't mean to make jokes--it sounds crazy to me. Maybe you'll get Starbucks cards with your Christmas bonus.