Monday, July 19, 2010

A Look Back At......

Tonight was Knot-y Ladies at BP&HH, and as usual, A LOT of catching up with everyone and such. Poor Gran was running a little late, one of her sons was flying in from BYU for a visit, and had plane trouble and had to stop in Las Vegas. (That's the story she is sticking too!! :-) ) We had some new ladies joining our group tonight, and they fit in just perfectly with us. We started explaining certain things that has happened over the last year in class, and had to explain it to the newbies, like last Christmas, when Colleen wrapped up her Christmas ornament for the exchange and forgot to put the ornament in the box she wrapped, and how red she was with embarrassment, and how we will never let her forget about it! (Love ya BFF!!!!) Or how Gran has a paddle like the nuns in parochial school, (or as Gran says, in the old country!) and uses it on us if we don't complete our assignments, like Gran gives us assignments! Or how Gran makes us exercise in class, embroidery yoga, we break such a sweat with that one! However, I do feel for Gran, because she has great class plans, but our class just does not give her a chance to share them with us. I am sorry, Gran, for not allowing you to conduct the class tonight the way you wanted. I do want to learn what you can teach us, so I promise, next class, I will bring duct tape. What color of duct tape would look good on Kim??!! Tootles!!


  1. I know what colour that would look good on her - anything with polka dots. We also need to tape her hands - her sign language was rather vulgar don't you think, eh!?


    It was fun!