Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cool Mornings Are Such A Tease!!

We have been having some wonderful cool mornings here in No Cal! They are such a tease as a taste of Fall! I love Fall here in No Cal.  That is one of the main reason we moved up here from So Cal., was Fall.  My husband drove me through Land Park, November 1988, and boy, was I sucked in by the sheer beauty of the midwest look and feel! I love the cool/brisk mornings and evenings, and the wonderful warm afternoons with the sun glowing softly! A time of hearty meals and lots of baking, and hopefully time well spent at the sewing table! Oh yeah, how could I forget, the warm, cracking of a fire in the fireplace!! A cup of tea and some handwork or a good book to enjoy the fire. Haading out to the pumpkin patch, decorating the house, inside and out for fall! Yeap, as tradition at our house, every Labor Day is when we decorate for fall.  My hubby plots out on paper, yes, paper how he will decorate for Halloween, his favorite time of year. It takes him a couple of week-ends to get it all done! I love to decorate the inside of my house.  We will get a 1 week delay this year since we will be heading down to So Cal for Labor Day week to remodel my inlaw's bathroom.  They are getting older and need some major items changed out, and well, the floor needs to be replaced, base boards, and with the new fixtures and all, we really should paint to make the whole thing complete.  I don't mind, they derserve it. I have wonderful inlaws.  Very loving, caring and generous.  Great role models for me and hubby.  54 years of marriage! My MIL has lots of good advice for me!! Have a great Labor Day, and enjoy the thought of Fall is almost here!!!

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