Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Night Sew-It's a Hit!

I finally got to participate in Friday Night Sew, although I was cut short. Hubby came home and he and son wanted to go to In & Out for dinner, plus run by the supermarket-sale of chicken with bone(trust me, its another topic for another day). So I had cut my fabric out, except for the strips, so when we got home and got everything broken down and into the freezer, I headed back to my space to sew. And sew I did for 2 1/2 hours. It may not seem like a long time and it may also seem like I did not get much done, but for me I did. Please disregard the lineup, I have my seem ripper ready to take the sashing out, and I plan on finishing it tomorrow, after we return home for the International Sportsman Expo. This is an annual thing we do as a family. We are getting up early to get there when the gates open, and we hope to be home by 2pm. So I will have plenty of time to finish my small project. I am using it as a table topper for our dining table. I haven't sewed in so long, I almost forgot how to thread my machine!! Hubby actually thought that this Friday Night Sew thing is a great idea. He said I should be able to get more projects done and completed. I do appreciate his encouragement. Or maybe he just wants the tv to himself!! I can't wait to see what everyone else has done tonight. Sweet dreams, ya'll!!


  1. FNSI's are great for finishing up projects! I am glad that you were able to thread the machine :)

    Angie -

  2. I love your little table topper- the valentine fabrics are so fun. I finally found my sewing machine again last weekend and plan to do some more this evening. Bruce has gone to see the junior hockey team and I have the house to myself. I did most of my school planning yesterday.
    Happy quilting...

  3. I'm loving the fabric colors... and YEA!!! ..for husbands who support their wives creativity!