Thursday, January 20, 2011

Friday Night Sew, It's Back!!

Yes folks, back by popular demand, Friday Night Sew is bad. I am going to try it this time since I have my sewing space up and running now, and I am finding myself at the machine more. Only problem, I need to commit to a day of cutting fabric for all of the projects I want to do. Last Saturday, me and my BFF attended the Modesto Quilt Show and we had so-o-o-o-o much fun! I think it is the best show I have been to in a long time. We originally paid for 2 hours of parking, and ended up going back out to the parking lot and paying for another 2 hours!! I am having a hard time transferring the photos from my blackberry to my laptop, but I am going to keep trying. Above is a picture of Colleen and Nancy Galloway in front of the quilt that Nancy did. It is a beautiful quilt and the picture does not do it justice! Colleen has this pattern and was so excited to meet Nancy, as was I. She is a very gracious lady, retired school teacher, so you know she has the patience of Job! There were a lot of embroidery, and applique-wool and fabric, and a great selection of all types of quilts. I can not wait for their next show, in 2 years! A log of great vendors, and a lot of new vendors. Everyone was so nice and friendly. We had ourselves a wonderful time. We were so tired! I bought a couple of books, and several patterns. Only 1 embroidery pattern though. I think I shocked Colleen! I also bought some beautiful vintage button trim, vintage wooden buttons, and only 1 yard of fabric, green of course, and civil war style. I have such visions of grandeur!! Now I just need to get started, so off I go! Tootles!!

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  1. Oh, it sounds so wonderful - thank you for sharing! I love your enthusiasm.