Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Special Day

Today was a very special day. Today, I got to be a part of a special celebration, in honor of my BFF's mom. She recently passed away, but she would not have wanted anyone to be moping around in sorrow, so the family planned this wonderful day of celebration at their house. Great food, great friends-new and established, and a warmth that was felt the minute you stepped inside! There were stories to be to shared, pictures posted all over to be looked at, beautiful things that she had made with her 2 very talented hands! This was the first time I had been a part of a celebration, and it was a great experience. Colleen-please extend my gratitude and thanks to you and your family, for being thoughtful to include me. Your family is extremely giving and very easy to be around, I left feeling like I was a part of your family. Your mom would have been very proud of each and everyone of you, and in fact I know she was smiling down on us he whole time. My daily thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, forever! I love ya, Lucy!!

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  1. You have put into words a wonderful and tender time that we spent with a very dear friend and her family.