Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's Pumpkin Time!

Today, hubby and I made our annual pilgrimage to Davis Ranch in Sloughouse. It you read Kim's Big Quilting Adventure, this is the same place that she and Gran went to. I had teased Kim that she purchased all of the pumpkins they had, and asked if there were any left for me. She assured me they did. Well, she was right. Not as much as they usually had, but enough for us to make some great choices for our home. Halloween is hubby's favorite time of the year, and he really enjoys selecting and designing his pumpkins. He makes pretty elaborate designs, and really thinks the design through before starting. Me, on the other hand, looks for unusually shapes and sizes to decorate our porch and plant shelves out front. I also enjoy picking out a few extra pumpkins for my mom and her friends, and then takes them over one afternoon and help them carve the pumpkins or draw on the outside of the pumpkin. I do enjoy their faces when they do this. When we were there, of course we had to get some of their world famous corn, white corn to be exact. Our son prefers white corn, so to keep him happy we bought a bag, 24 ears, enough to last him for a couple of months, hopefully. We also got some fresh green beans, bell peppers, cauliflower, tomatoes-red and green(to fry of course!!), apples, and onions. I fixed some corn, green beans, and sliced tomatoes to go along with our grilled chicken tonight. Hubby said he felt like he was eating at the Walton's table! Tomorrow, my BFF-Colleen and I are making our annual trip to the Lodi Street Fair. I will take my camera to try to get some shots. In the meantime, welcome to Autumn, the 2nd most wonderful time of the year!

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