Friday, June 25, 2010

Ladybug's Quilts is Back Open!!!!

Today, on my way home from Modesto, I needed to stop in Manteca for a couple of client visits, and well, I had to stop by Ladybug's! Jen had to close the store, but she sold it to 3 wonderful, kind, talented ladies, of whom I met 1 today, Sherry. We had a really nice chat about BearPaws and what is hot now, trends in the market, decorating the store, ect. The store is pretty much the same, but the ladies are adding their own touch, they have a long arm in one of the classrooms, and they are getting ready for their Official opening day on July 31st! Make sure you mark your calenders because I am positive it will be a BIG HIT!!! They are also on Facebook, and they are asking questions every couple of days to get feedback on what to offer in the store so check them out and help them. As for me, Tournament season has official started. Only 5 more manager's meetings, and we will be starting July 2nd and will be completed by July 17th. Then, I will be back, and hoping to get some stitching and sewing done. I will post any other adventures I have while in Napa. I know, I know, rough life, but I am still working!!! One last thing, I am not sure if anyone if following the College World Series, but my Hornfrogs are in it and playing so good!! I predict they will win it!! They have already beaten the #2 team to get there, and there is no stopping them now! GO FROGS!!!!!


  1. Hi Pam; I just popped in to see how you were going with your Mini Gift crafting for the Early Bird Christmas Crafting. Did you get any gifts made? Let me know what is happening for you.
    Kind Regard

  2. I imagine you off with a wing and prayer. Today is the beginning of all that you have worked so hard to make happen for a world of young baseball players and their families. People like you and your DH make the world go round. Sending my love and a BIG HUG! I think you are amazing.