Saturday, June 5, 2010

Are you Ready????

As I sit at my laptop, drinking my Typhoo tea in my red pokadot mug, enjoying the cool, quiet morning, reading blogs, I ask you, my blogetts, are you ready? Or is it TOO early to think of the holidays? My blogging friend, Jenny Reynolds has turned me on to her friend, Judith of http://www.creativestudio10.blogspot/. She is hosting an Earlybird Christmas Crafting group starting June 1st thru September 3. Check her blog out, it sounds like a lot of fun and she is really creative on how she is running it, that even I can follow it. She has already emailed me a free pattern of hers, so all I need to do is to follow the very simple instructions. You can make your own projects and/or her projects she shares. Also, if you go Jenny's blog, she has a great idea on how to recycle old table scarves that she picked up at tag sales. I am really enjoying the quiet time of this morning. I am thinking of Gran, sitting at her kitchen table looking out her big window at her beautiful yard watching the sweet birds fly from feeder to feeder or sitting on her back patio enjoying her lovely garden . As for my garden, we have 3 types of tomatoes planted, including an heirloom-Cherokee Black, (which I cannot wait to make a tomato sandwich to eat!), plus Christmas Basil, Rosemary, and Curly Parsley. I also have several types of sunflowers planted, which should do well, since they like this heat we have here in the valley. Well, I need to get ready for my busy day, I am playing at BP&HH today, and since it is BOM Saturday, it will be extremely busy! Have a wonderful Saturday, and here is wishing you joy in all you do! Hugs!!


  1. You are so right on. Busted - sitting here eating tea and toast, listening to the birds and trying to gear up for the day. You have me thinking about Christmas ..... You Are The Best!!!!

  2. Gee, and I thought Christmas was so far away...lots to think about now!