Thursday, March 25, 2010

24 Hours Away....and Counting!!!

Yep, 24 hours away, until heaven! Time for Tea at BP & HH. I cannot wait. I am having a hard time on deciding what to take to stitch on, although I hear that last time, some who brought stitching, never got to it, they were having way too much fun sipping tea, munching on Gran's treats and great conversation, with some giggling sprinkled through out. I already put fresh batteries in my camera, so I don't forgot to capture those moments to share with everyone. I am very grateful that Gran is not making us wear gloves! I could not imagine trying to stitch with gloves on! Have a wonderful Springy Day!!


  1. Tipping my tea cup to you - one more sleep.

  2. Love the cups and saucers in the stand- so elegant looking Pam- it reminds of another time when ladies would drink from these frilly cups. My grandmother gave me some from her cabinet before she died- I love them because they are from her. The teapot is very pretty too.
    Have fun with gran and the girls.

  3. I love the tea cup holder in your photo. I am going to have to look for one too.

    I enjoyed you coming to the Time for Tea and bring your yummy chicken sandwiches. They were cut so pretty and complimented the teas. You are a good cook and sandwich maker - on top of being a great embroiderer!