Friday, August 6, 2010

It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where does the time go, whew! It's already August, and next thing you know if will be October, then December, well, you get my drift! Work has been really busy. I had to drive down to Patterson, Newman and Gustine yesterday to visit clients, and I took the country road, I hate driving I-5, too many big rigs! I love to drive country roads, I love the horses, and cows, and sheep, the smell of alfalfa being cut. Looking at the beautiful fields that have been worked and tilled, but mostly the old buildings. I did not have my camera, but after my trip down there, hubby and I may be going for a drive this week-end. The weather has been beautiful and perfect, it felt like fall to me yesterday. I felt like I stepped backed into the 40's in these older, small towns, and the people were so friendly and nice. I can't wait to go exploring! But first, I need to get through Friday, and yes, today is not exception, a very busy day on tap, but I will get through it knowing that this week-end, there is no baseball, no playing at BP&HH, and housework pretty much kept up, so I will have time to explore! Here's wishing everyone a great week-end! Hugs!


  1. Enjoy your time exploring and creating- I hope you have a fantastic time. Perhaps you will get a chance to spend some time with friends too.

  2. Hope you enjoyed your weekend! Tim is flying by so quickly!

  3. Don't you love weekends like that!!!
    It is refreshing to take a break with DH.